The EAFRD grants or grants from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development are Community subsidies in the form of grants for rural development. These subsidies aim to improve not only living conditions and the competitiveness of agricultural activities in the rural environment, but also to maintain respect for the environment, as well as to diversify economic options in rural areas.

The FEADER funds

The EAFRD promotes sustainable rural development throughout the European Union and acts as a complement to the common livestock and fisheries policy and to the cohesion between agricultural policies as a fundamental point of its philosophy. It seeks to contribute to the achievement of a more balanced agricultural development in the European Union, from a territorial and environmental point of view, as well as more respectful of the climate and resistant to the changes that have taken place in this field in recent years. All this will lead to a more competitive and innovative sector, which will result in an economic development of rural territories throughout the European Union, which will be able to face the challenges of all kinds that appear in this field of action in the current times.

What do EAFRD supports look for?

3 are the fundamental axes that aim to articulate the EAFRD aid. Take note. The first one is to increase the competitiveness of the agricultural and agro-industrial sector. In this case, actions are pursued such as improving the competitiveness and adaptability of farms in this sector, promoting cooperation in this sector, improving infrastructures and equipment or promoting products and services.

The second axis consists in supporting the economic diversification of the rural regions (which goes through the tourism and services companies, in general) and small corporations, the improvement of basic services and infrastructures and, finally, the promotion of cooperation in these regions.

Lastly, the EAFRD grants seek an improvement in the quality of life of the inhabitants of rural areas, which is to be achieved through the training and training of these, the promotion of social integrity, support for equal opportunities and the conservation and modernization of the territory. By means of a double intention that can perfectly summarize the philosophy of the FEADER funds: to maintain the traditional lifestyles without renouncing a dynamism according to the new times.

In short, the EAFRD beneficiary projects must combine different approaches, covering environmental aspects, sustainability, equality of gender opportunities and youth labor insertion, in order to engage the inhabitants of rural areas in activities sustainable that can represent a viable economic solution to rural depopulation, labor equitable between men and women. Meanwhile, it contributes to reduce environmental losses, fight against climate change and enhance the possibilities of agricultural means.


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