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The LSSI-CE, requires all those who have an online website or business to warn the user of the existence of cookies, inform about them and require permission to download them. My website uses its own and third party cookies to get you a better browsing experience, so you can share content on social networks and to obtain statistics and browsing habits of users. As a user, you can refuse the processing of data or information by blocking these cookies by configuring your browser. This way they will not be downloaded and stored on your hard drive. But you should know that if you do, my website will not work correctly.According to article 22.2 of the Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, by continuing with your browsing you are giving your consent for the use of the cookies that I detail in this policy.


Cookies are a tool used by Web servers to store and retrieve information about their visitors. It is just a text file that some servers ask our browser to write on our hard drive, with information about what we have been doing for their pages. They have an expiration date, which can range from the time the session lasts until a specified future date, after which they cease to be operative.


On this website own and third-party cookies are used to ensure you have a better browsing experience, you can share content on social networks, to show you ads according to your interests and to obtain user statistics. The cookies used in are only associated with an anonymous user and his computer, do not provide references that allow to deduce the name and surnames of the User and can not read data from his hard disk or include viruses in his texts. Likewise, can not read the cookies implanted on the User’s hard drive from other servers. The user can freely decide about the implementation or not on his hard drive of the cookies used in In this sense, the user can configure their browser to accept or reject all cookies by default or to receive a warning on the screen of the receipt of each cookie and decide at that time whether or not to install it on their hard drive. For this I suggest you consult the help section of your browser to know how to change the configuration you currently use. Even if the User configures his browser to reject all cookies or expressly rejects cookies, he will be able to browse the web with the only inconvenience of not being able to enjoy the functionalities of this one that require the installation of any of them. As a user, you can reject the processing of data or information by blocking these cookies through the appropriate configuration of your browser.However, you should know that, if you do, this site will not work properly. According to the terms included in article 22.2 of the Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, if you continue browsing, you will be giving your consent for the use of the cookies that I detail below. The cookies on this website help:

  • Make this website work correctly
  • Save you having to log in every time you visit this site
  • Remember your adjustments during and between visits
  • Allow you to watch videos
  • Get income thanks to affiliate cookies
  • Improve site speed / security
  • That you can share pages with social networks
  • Continuously improve this website
  • Show ads based on your browsing habits

I will never use cookies to:

  • Collect personally identifiable information (without your express permission)
  • Collect sensitive information (without your express permission)
  • Share personal identification data with third parties


This website, like most websites, includes features provided by third parties. New designs or third-party services are regularly tested for recommendations and reports. This may occasionally modify the configuration of cookies and that cookies not listed in this policy appear. It is important that you know that they are provisional cookies that it is not always possible to inform and that they only have purposes of study and evaluation. Under no circumstances will cookies be used that compromise your privacy. Among the most stable third-party cookies are:

  • Those generated by analysis services , specifically, Google Analytics to help the website analyze the use made by the users of the website and improve its usability, but in no case are associated with data that could identify the user.

Google Analytics, is a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc., a Delaware company whose main office is at 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States («Google»). The user can check here the type of cookies used by Google. Google+ cookie and Google Maps, according to what is on your page about what type of cookies they use.

  • : is a user of the platform for supplying and hosting WordPress blogs, owned by the American company Automattic, Inc. For such purposes, the use of such cookies by the systems is never under the control or management of the person responsible for the web, they can change their function at any time, and enter new cookies.

These cookies also do not report any benefit to the person responsible for this website.Automattic, Inc., also uses other cookies in order to help identify and track visitors to WordPress sites, learn about their use of the Automattic website, as well as their preferences for access to it, as It is included in the «Cookies» section of its privacy policy. These cookies also do not report any benefit to the person responsible for this website. Automattic, Inc., also uses other cookies in order to help identify and track visitors to WordPress sites, learn about their use of the Automattic website, as well as their preferences for access to it, as It is included in the «Cookies» section of its privacy policy.

  • Social network cookies : Social network cookies can be stored in your browser while browsing for example, when you use the button to share content of in a social network.

Below you will find information about the social network cookies that this website uses in its own cookie policies:

The privacy implications will depend on each social network and will depend on the privacy settings you have chosen in these networks. In no case, neither the person responsible for this website nor the advertisers can obtain personally identifiable information about these cookies.Then, and according to the requirements of article 22.2 of the LSSI, the cookies that can be habitually installed while browsing this website are detailed:

Own: Session tve_leads_uniqueExpires at the end of the sessionThey store user information and sessions to improve the user experience
Persistent third parties _ga2 years from the configurationIt is used to distinguish users.It is a cookie belonging to Google Analytics. More information
Third persistent _gat10 minutesIt is used to know the recharge ratio. It is a cookie belonging to Google Analytics.More information
Third party persistent __utma2 years from each updateThis cookie is usually established during the first visit. If the cookie is manually deleted, it will be re-established at the next visit with a new ID. In most cases this cookie is used to determine unique visitors to our site and is updated with each page viewed. This cookie also has a unique Google Analytics ID that ensures both the validity of the cookie and its accessibility as an additional security measure.More information
Third party persistent __utmb2 years from each updateThis cookie is used to establish and continue a user session on our site. When a user visits a page on our site, the Google Analytics code attempts to update this cookie. If you can not find the cookie, you will create a new one. Each time the user visits a different page, this cookie is updated to expire after 30 minutes, thus continuing to find a single session in 30-minute intervals. This cookie expires when a user stops visiting our site for a period of 30 minutes. More information
Third persistent __utmtSessionHistorically, this cookie operated together with the __utmb cookie to determine if a new session should be established for the user.Nowadays it is not used but it is still here to maintain backward compatibility with the code of theurchin.js and ga.js. More information
Third party persistent __utmz6 months from each updateThis cookie stores information on references used by the visitor to reach our site, either directly, a reference link, a web search or an advertising campaign or by email. It is used to calculate the traffic coming from web search engines, marketing campaigns and navigation through our site.This cookie is updated in each page view. More information
Own persistent __cfduid5 yearsThe cookie __ cfduid is used to override security restrictions based on the visitor’s IP address is coming.More information
Persistent third party __smTokenExpires at the end of the sessionIt is used to differentiate users who have been shown some Sumome functionality. More information
Own __smVIDExpires at the end of the sessionStores user information and sessions to improve the user experience.
Third parties __zlcmidExpires at the end of the sessionThey are cookies used by the ZOPIM tool to allow live chat with customer service. More information
Vimeo2 years from each updateIt allows us to embed Vimeo videos. This mode can set cookies on your computer once you click on the Vimeo video player, but Vimeo will not store personal identification cookies information of embedded video views.


In the case of not wishing that the website does not install any cookies on your computer, it is possible to adapt your browser so that you are notified before any cookies are downloaded. In this way, you can also modify the browser settings so that you reject all cookies or only third-party cookies. You can also delete any of the cookies that are already on your computer. Keep in mind that you will have to adapt separately the configuration of each browser and equipment you use. makes available to users who want to prevent the installation of the aforementioned cookies, links provided for this purpose by browsers whose use is considered most widespread: Google Chrome – Internet Explorer – Mozilla Firefox – Apple Safari Cookies Policy at 29/11 / 2018.


Qué son las cookies

Las cookies son archivos de información almacenados en su ordenador, tablet o smartphone que ayudan a las páginas web a recordar quién es usted y la información de su visita. Las cookies pueden ayudar a que la información se visualice en una página web de un modo afín a sus intereses. La mayoría de las principales páginas web utilizan cookies.

Qué cookies se utilizan en esta página web

Las cookies que utilizamos en esta página web se agrupan, a grandes rasgos, en las siguientes categorías:

Esenciales – Algunas de las cookies de nuestra web son esenciales para que podamos prestarle el servicio que usted ha solicitado. Un ejemplo de ello son las cookies empleadas para permitirle conectarse a su cuenta en la web, colocar productos en su cesta de la compra o las que permiten la comunicación entre su navegador y la web.

Analíticas – Utilizamos cookies analíticas para ayudarnos a comprender qué uso hacen los usuarios de nuestra web. Por ejemplo, nos sirven para contar el número de personas diferentes que visitan nuestra web o que utilizan una característica en concreto, en lugar del número total de veces que se utiliza la web o la característica. Sin esta cookie, si usted visita la web una vez por semana durante tres semanas, le contaríamos como tres usuarios independientes. Sin estas cookies, nos resultaría muy difícil analizar el rendimiento de nuestra web y mejorarla.

Cookies de usuario – Utilizamos cookies para mejorar su experiencia recordando sus preferencias. De este modo, sabemos cómo le gusta utilizar nuestra web. Un ejemplo de ello sería recordarle, de manera que le ofrezcamos el mismo contenido o recordarle la próxima vez que visite nuestra web.

Interacción social – Utilizamos las cookies para permitirle compartir contenido directamente en las redes sociales, como Facebook, Twitter o Google+. Un ejemplo sería cuando usted hace clic en “me gusta” o “tuitea” sobre un negocio o producto anunciado en nuestra web.
¿Puedo rechazar o excluir la recepción de cookies?
Si vd. desea rechazar o excluir la recepción de cookies puede hacer lo siguiente:
Borre las cookies de su navegador. La mayoría de los navegadores le permiten evitar el almacenamiento en su equipo de todas las cookies o de algunas en lo sucesivo. Para más información sobre cómo borrar o deshabilitar las cookies desde su navegador, utilice el menú de “ayuda” del navegador.
Si solo quiere rechazar todas o algunas de las cookies de terceros, deberá visitar directamente la web del tercero pertinente para gestionar las cookies que este almacena en su equipo. Consulte nuestra sección “Cookies de terceros”
Tenga en cuenta que el hecho de deshabilitar las cookies puede afectar a las prestaciones de esta web.
Cookies de terceros:
Algunas de las cookies incluidas en las categorías de cookies descritas anteriormente las almacenan terceros en su equipo cuando usted utiliza nuestra web. No tenemos control alguno sobre estas cookies o el modo en que las utilizan los terceros. Se utilizan para permitir al tercero prestarnos un servicio, por ejemplo, de análisis.

Para más información sobre estas cookies y sobre cómo deshabilitarlas, vea la política de privacidad individual de terceros que figura a continuación:


Tipo y finalidad: Analíticas

Omniture proporciona datos anónimos sobre las visitas a nuestra web y nos permite hacer pruebas y evaluar la mejor manera de presentar la web a nuestros usuarios.

Más información y desactivación:


Tipo y finalidad: Interacción social Addthis permite que la web sea compartida en redes sociales como Google +, Facebook, etc.

Más información y desactivación:

Tipo y finalidad: Ubicación

Google Maps proporciona un servicio de mapas. Registra el origen del usuario y las keywords utilizadas. Genera un prefijo único con fines analíticos.

Tipo y finalidad: Analíticas

Google proporciona datos anónimos sobre las visitas a la página web.

Tipo y finalidad: Vídeos

Youtube permite la subida y visualización de vídeos. Utiliza cookies para medir las visualizaciones o registrar eventos.

Tipo y finalidad: Interacción Social

Google permite que la información de la WEB sea compartida en su red social, Google +

Más información y desactivación:


Tipo y finalidad: Esenciales y de usuario

WebsPlanet utiliza cookies que permiten recordar el idioma de preferencia del usuario y le permiten mantener su sesión

Esta página web puede incluir adicionalmente otras cookies de redes sociales.

Nos reservamos el derecho a actualizar oportunamente esta política, por lo que puede que desee comprobarla cada vez que visite nuestra web. La presente política fue modificada por última vez el 1 de enero de 2015.

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